Cage of the Cursed

Ancient Secrets, A Forbidden Bond, and a unbreakable curse

In the coastal island town of St. Sierra, where old money hides secrets, seventeen-year-old Echo lives a life darkened by anxiety and fear. Surrounded by her two best friends, she is content living in their shadow until an ancient power is discovered hiding in her genetic line.

When Ash St. Claire receives an urgent text message to meet in a forgotten classroom, he wasn’t expecting to find a girl’s hands bound in cloth, and her familiar glare targeted at him. It soon becomes clear that Echo desperately needs his help, but getting involved could be disastrous for both, something the Seraph is all too familiar with.

Although Echo is distrustful of his motives, she gets drawn into his alluring world of magical politics, forbidden knowledge and the fine line between duty and desire.

But secrets threaten to fracture both their lives as bodies begin to wash ashore and Echo must decide to face her destiny and confront the darkness, or risk losing everything she holds dear.

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